Luxury Redefined: ECHome in Qatar, Gallery Five Trading and Contracting
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EC Home

The First-Ever Portable Home ECHome Arrives with Gallery Five Trading & Contracting

Gallery Five Trading & Contracting Group, the premier design firm in the GCC, has recently introduced the extraordinary EC7, a groundbreaking luxury movable cabin, as Qatar's first of its kind. Designed to cater to those seeking ultimate comfort and opulence, these mobile homes are engineered to withstand various environmental and weather conditions.

The state-of-the-art EC7 movable cabins offer seamless mobility and come equipped with cutting-edge ecosystem capabilities. They are ideal for individuals looking to create a sophisticated office setup or a private Arabic 'majlis' that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment. The EC7 showcases innovative features such as heat reduction and electricity savings, making it an ideal choice for both home use and outdoor activities such as camping, desert expeditions, or farm stays.

The launch of the exclusive EC7 in Qatar brings Gallery Five Group closer to fulfilling its vision of manufacturing smart offices that embody "Borderless Creativity and Seamless Creative Excellence."

Chairman of Qatar's Gallery Five Trading and Contracting Group, Pegasus Wong, commented on the EC7, stating, "With its modular architecture, the EC7 is versatile and adaptable to a variety of needs. The concept of the EC7 embraces an eco-friendly lifestyle while prioritizing health and wellness. By introducing this exclusive product in Qatar, Gallery Five Group takes a significant step towards realizing its vision of creating smart offices/homes that embody the principles of 'Borderless Creativity and Seamless Creative Excellence.'"

The group was committed to launching this exclusive product in a manner that reflects creativity and luxury, aligning with the desires of individuals seeking distinction and contemporary elegance. The EC7, also known as ECHome, offers unparalleled comfort and luxury, effectively transforming these modern homes into mobile palaces on wheels.

Smart building materials utilized in the EC7 play a crucial role in supporting environmental sustainability and implementing green architecture principles, harnessing the power of nanotechnology applications. Unlike traditional building materials, these smart materials possess diverse shapes, characteristics, and applications in construction. The materials employed in the EC7 cabins are resilient to weather fluctuations and maintain their effectiveness for up to three decades.

The walls and windows of the EC7 cabins are intelligent, with the glass adapting its properties to meet the occupants' needs. The windows effectively isolate dust and sand particles while analyzing internal and external variables such as lighting and vibrations. This enables the EC7 system to efficiently manage the building's services.

"We take pride in stating that the materials utilized in the EC7 cabins can intelligently respond to environmental changes. They dynamically adapt their properties or composition in response to climatic variations, creating a comfortable environment for users," stated the company in a press release. This launch signifies the entry of the luxury movable cabin, ECHome, into Qatar and its exclusive presence within the GCC region..

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